Terms of Service

Please understand that by accepting these terms and conditions, Customer represents and warrants that the Customer is major and thus legally capable to enter in to contract and in case Customer is acting on behalf of some business entity, Customer is duly authorized to enter in to agreement on behalf of the entity Customer is representing. Customer also represents and warrants that the Customer is neither a competitor nor any related party or affiliate of any Competitor of Warehox Private Limited, or any of its related brands.

Now therefore by clicking “I agree”, ordering and/or using Dropshipfarm and any of its brands’ services, Customer agrees to be bound by all of the terms and conditions of this agreement (hereinafter referred to as the agreement)

This agreement is entered between Dropshipfarm or any of its brands (hereinafter called as “Dropshipfarm”) and the payer or/and the recipient of services hereunder as identified as part of the subscription process for Dropshipfarm or other Brand Services herein after called as “Customer”,

Now whereas Customer and Dropshipfarm both hereby agree to the terms & conditions hereinafter mentioned:

WAREHOX PRIVATE LIMITED, a company incorporated under the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013, and having its registered office at C-159,MOTILAL NEHRU NAGAR


 INDIA (hereinafter referred to as “SELLER”, which term shall, so far as the context admits, be deemed to mean and include its successors and assigns including any other division, holding, subsidiary or associate entity) of the ONE PART;


Any User having Individual / Proprietorship / HUF / Partnership Firm / Company/LLP/Trust (strikeout whichever is not applicable), through its Proprietor / Karta / Partners / Directors  (hereinafter referred to as the “MERCHANT”, which term shall, unless it be repugnant to the context or meaning thereof, be deemed to mean and include in case of (a) an individual, his/her/their heirs, legal representatives, executors, administrators and permitted assigns, (b) a proprietorship firm, the proprietor(ess) (both in his/her personal capacity and as proprietor(ess) of the concern) and his/her/their heirs, legal representatives, executors, administrators, permitted assigns and successors of the concern), (c) a company, its successors and permitted assigns, (d) a limited liability partnership, its successors and permitted assigns, and (e) a partnership firm, each of the partners and survivor(s) of them and the partners from time to time (both in their personal capacity and as partners of the firm) and their respective heirs, legal representatives, executors, administrators, permitted assigns and successors of the firm, (f) a HUF, its Karta/ manager, coparceners, members, successors and permitted assigns, (g) a trust, trustees, successors and permitted assigns) of the OTHER PART.

Merchant wishes to sell and promote the products offered by SELLER on their web site  and is willing to give all sales and or orders resulting from the previously mentioned products solely to SELLER without question or reservation.

This Agreement comes into effect when the customer register for use of  DROPSHIPFARM services or sign an application for utilizing services of DROPSHIPFARM. By Registering or signing with DROPSHIPFARM, the customer signify absolute and unconditional consent to all the provisions of this agreement in its entirety.

This agreement constitutes a legally binding agreement between the Licensee/Merchant/Customer and DROPSHIPFARM. The customer(s) is/are advised to read this Agreement carefully. If the customer(s) is/are not in agreement with any of the terms and conditions, the customer(s) should not use this Service and should notify the same to WAREHOX PRIVATE LIMITED.

SELLER and the Merchant agree to the following:



  • Sales: Any and all sales resulting from the aforementioned products including but not limited to orders received via web site, email, phone, in store or verbally.
  • Net Sales: Gross revenue (rate at which product sold by merchant) resulting from any and all products found within the SELLER product listless shipping, handling and  all  applicable taxes and returns.
  • Commission: Difference between the gross revenue and charges recoverable by SELLER from MERCHANT in relation to the sale including but not limited to price listed on SELLER’s website, shipping charges, processing charges, Cash handling charges etc.
  • Products: Includes all goods and material bought, consigned or obtained as the case be, from SELLER, under all brands and labels, and the collection of photos containing copy written pictures and material SELLER has supplied to the
  1. Terms A.

Agreement Terms: Merchant  and  SELLER  agree  that  the  term of the  Agreement  shall commence  with effect and for as long thereafter as it is mutually agreed between Merchant and SELLER

Customer hereby agrees to use the services of Dropshipfarm only in authorized manner as per terms of services/ package selected. In case it is found that use of services violates the terms of this agreement or any other law, rule or regulation enacted by the concerned authorities from time to time, Dropshipfarm reserves it’s right to terminate the agreement & services with immediate effect.

Termination: If Merchant or SELLER are not satisfied with the program defined by this agreement, and the results thereof, either party may terminate this agreement by providing thirty (30) days written notice to the other aforementioned party.


SELLER Role: SELLER will provide product fulfillment for all sales obtained by Merchant i regard to any images supplied by SELLER.  SELLER is not involved in the actual transaction between the Merchant and buyer. SELLER is not the agent of either the Merchant or buyer. SELLER retains all rights to all images and material provided and retains the right to prohibit the use of any and all images and material provided. Merchant may not use any of the images contained within the provided photos for any other purpose other than to gain sales, which will be given to SELLER.  Merchant may not use any image provided in any other medium than the specified website or store without prior written consent of SELLER. SELLER will not be responsible for the products listed by MERCHANT by using images other than those listed by SEELER on its website.


Merchant Role: Merchant agrees not to alter, change or add to content of any product from SELLER. Furthermore, Merchant agrees not to alter, change or mis-brand any and all items bought pre-packaged for retail from SELLER. Merchant may incorporate their own name on any item/ bulk item purchased and re-packaged by themselves.



BY SELLER: All transactions between Merchant and SELLER, will be done via The MERCHANT’s exclusive account (WALLET) activated by SELLER and as set up by the SELLER on its website. Merchant will pay all amounts due by top-up the WALLET.

SELLER will charge the total amount due at the time of the order. SELLER. will use the MERCHANT WALLET to collect payment for any additional fees incurred against order cancellations.

BY MERCHANT: MERCHANT will provide the GST compliant invoice to SELLER for the commission amount including GST or any other taxes as applicable. SELLER will pay the commission amount (excluding GST or applicable taxes) upfront by way of payout method selected by MERCHANT (WALLET top-up/ EFT etc.). GST or other taxes amount will be paid by SELLER on validation of the fact that the same has been deposited by MERCHANT to the government account and credit for the same is available for SELLER to claim input. GST or other taxes amount will be paid by SELLER by way of wallet top-up.


Prices & Purchase of Goods for Resale: Merchant agrees to buy goods at drop-ship prices offered by SELLER on its website. Merchant understands that they have sole jurisdiction over sale prices of goods, once bought from SELLER, does not control sale price of goods both under the company brand names or privately labeled goods obtained from SELLER.


Minimum Order Requirements & Inventory: Currently we require no minimum purchase for drop-shipping orders. Inventory is deemed to be in stock if it is visible on our web site.

Any products that are not accessible via should be considered out of stock. SELLER does not guarantee that items will be in stock at any given point in time and therefore Merchant may need to back order products if they are not in stock at the point of time of order date.


GST or applicable taxes: MERHCANT agrees that SELLER is obligated to apply GST or any other tax as required by law on the value of order at which product is sold by MERCHANT.  MERCHANT further agrees that SELLER will recover the above-mentioned GST or applicable taxes from the MERCHANT.


Shipping & Returns:  Orders  will be sent  out  within  two   business  days if order is placed before 12:00 p.m., unless otherwise stated. SELLER will not provide any policy for any claims placed on a product. SELLER is not responsible for shipping cost involved in returns of the order. Merchant will bear cost of shipping due to returns.


Illegal or Fraudulent Activity: SELLER products, images and trademarks, may only be used for lawful purposes and in a lawful manner. Merchant agrees to comply with all applicable laws, statutes, and regulations regarding the use of SELLER photos and information.


Bad address: SELLER will charge the merchant any and all fees associated with a bad address provided. If the apartment/ house number is not included or a bad pin code is provided and re- shipping is required, there will be a re-shipping charge equal to the original shipping charge being charged to MERCHANT wallet.


Participation: SELLER retains the right to accept or deny any web site requesting participation in our wholesale/drop shipping program based solely on our discretion. SELLER retains the right to revoke any Merchants participation in the program if they find it in their best interest.


Use of Photos: Merchant may use the images from for the sole purpose of sending all resulting orders to SELLER Continued participation in the

SELLER drop shipping program will be based on all orders resulting from the photos and or descriptions being forwarded to SELLER in a timely manner. Use of any and all images and product descriptions provided shall at all times remain to the discretion of SELLER. SELLER shall retain the right to decline the use of any photos by merchant at their discretion. Merchant shall not use SELLER affiliation text or images nor banner images.


Text and Descriptions: SELLER authorize or permit any web developer, Merchant or customer approved in the wholesale program to copy or use the product text, descriptions, and information found on the SELLER web sites. Merchant may not use any of the text and descriptions for any other purpose other than to gain sales and all web sales will be given to SELLER. Merchant may not use any text and descriptions provided in any other medium than the specified website without prior written consent of SELLER.


Responsibility: SELLER is in no way responsible or liable in any way for your store or websites success, the accuracy, or legality of its content and operation. Further, you have independently evaluated the desirability of participating in our drop-shipping program and are not relying on any representation, guarantee or statement other than set forth in this agreement.


Fees and Charges: SELLER will provide Merchant with a detailed listing of all items shown in the photos along with but not limited to, the price they will be charged for each product, shipping amounts and any and all other charges which may be due in affiliation to each product.

Merchant will pay all fees and charges incurred with each product shipped by SELLER directly to buyer. The price Merchant charges for each product will be left solely to the Merchants discretion.

Charges will be applicable if the RTO Products will not be taken back by the Merchant after 1 month of RTO received. If RTO products is not cleared within one month the Merchant is liable to pay the Monthly fees depending upon the volume of the orders.


Right to Modify: SELLER retains the right to modify this agreement at any time.

Changes will not be retroactive. If any modification is unacceptable to you, your recourse will be termination of your participation in our wholesale program. Continued participation will constitute acceptance of the modifications.


Credits/Voucher: All the credits provided by the Dropshipfarm/Seller will be deductible in nature. In case Merchant is not able to pay the Seller have the right to recover it’s due.


Severability: If any provisions or section of this agreement shall be deemed unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision or section shall be deemed sever able from these terms and conditions and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.